The Teachers, Child Study Team Members, Administrative and Custodial staff routinely go above and beyond for our children and families.  They strive to make education challenging and enriching, while offering encouragement and support through distance learning and many unknowns. With your generous donation of $25, we invite students, parents, and families to recognize a teacher or staff member who has impacted their lives.

Teacher and staff recognitions will be posted to the Honor Wall which can be found on the FPEF website at http://www.fpefnj.org.  In addition, teachers will be sent a digital certificate informing them of their honor.

2020 – 2021

Mrs. Brenda Cochario

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Ms. Raquel Diaz

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Dr. Hilde Dyer

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Ms. Lauren Hoffman

“Ms. Hoffman is so gentle and kind hearted in how she handles me.” Amber enjoys your in- person and virtual homeroom and is grateful for your homeroom direction. Amber says you’re fluent in French and you have been so helpful to her this year 💕.

Amber Jones and Family

Ms. Amanda Spagnuolo

For all you do for 3AS. You have taken each situation in stride as you supported, motivated and encouraged each child both online and in person. We appreciate you. Thank you for all you have done this year.

The Parents of 3AS

Mrs. Cindy Regan

Thank you for making school extra fun even in this strange COVID year. We appreciate you and all you do!

The Laudicina Family

Mrs. Beth Cocco

Thank you for stepping in and helping Allie and her class have a wonderful second half of the year!

The Vilarino Family

Mr. David Kaluzavich

Thank you for making each school day upbeat and fun during an unpredicted time! Your patiences to ensure the Zoomies and Roomies had the best 4th grade experience, didn’t go unnoticed. Kudos, for being the best math teacher too!

Fondly, Your 4th Grade Students & Families (4DK)

Mrs. Jessica Ferrante

Thank you for creating such a positive class experience in this difficult year! Ryan loved being in your class and learned so much!

The Gorsuch Family

Mrs. Erin Esteves

Thank you for your encouragement in science!! Tramaine truly enjoyed your class. Thank you for making science fun.

The Cooper Family

Mrs. Tricia Murray

Your boundless energy, great sense of humor, and love of learning are gifts that Griffin will carry with him for a lifetime. Thank you for everything you did to make first grade fun for Griff and his classmates. We are forever grateful!

The Laudicina Family

Mrs. Lyndsay George

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Mrs. Jennifer Gilligan

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Mr. Harry Hipwell

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Mrs. Jen Adochio

Your hard work and dedication to your students did not go unnoticed this year! Thank you for everything that you have done to make this year successful.

The KAD Parents

Mrs. Danielle Manger

From writing to playing with putty, thank you for helping Corina with her strength and dexterity year after year. She says you are so funny!!

The Seubert Family

Ms.Rachel Frishberg

Thank you for making classroom lessons fun and keeping the kids laughing while they learned. We are very grateful to you.

The Laudicina Family

Ms. Maria Zeija

Thank you for all you have done to help Jacob have a successful year. You have gone above and beyond.

The Vilarino Family

Ms. Allison Conroy

Thank you for all you have done to help Genna have a successful year!

The Vilarino Family

Mr. David Letchinger and Ms. Alexis Zurbach

We are so grateful for your dedication to your students this crazy year. You are both truly a credit to your profession. Sophia has so enjoyed this year because of the way you make learning so much fun. She will miss you both. Thank you for all you have done for her.

Sophia Dipopolo and Family

Mrs. Marissa Perlee

Thank you, Mrs. Perlee for your hard work, patience and dedication to our class throughout this challenging school year. Thank you for everything!

The Perillo family

Mrs. Tina Bruno

I was in Ms. Bruno’s kindergarten class in 2002 (who was Ms. Faleo at that time.) Being in her class had a huge impact on my life. I learned about kindness, team work, and sharing — skills I would take with me for the rest of my life. I also met one of my best friends in her class, Carly Butynski. Last year we completed our Masters degrees together in environmental policy at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland to work on making the world a better place for everyone to live, We both thank you Ms. Bruno!!

Nina Pusic

Mrs. Jayme Russo

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Mr. Jeremy Serfozo

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Mrs. Maria Zeija

Thank you for going above and beyond during COVID!

The Dolan Family

Mrs. Anna Nowacki

Corina’s speech continues to improve! She says you are fun, funny, and kind. Thanks for all you do for her year after year.

The Seubert Family

Mrs. Lauren Dota

Thank you for challenging Corina in such a fun and kind way, working on strength, endurance, coordination and more. She loves when you go outside!

The Seubert Family

Ms. Allison Conroy

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our 2nd grade class this year. We are so happy you were our teacher!

Love, 2AC

Ms. Amanda Spagnuolo

Thank you for going above and beyond in and out of the classroom this year! It truly made all the difference!!

Max Hillman and Family

Ms. Raquel Diaz

Thank you for all you have done to help Jacob have a successful year!

The Vilarino Family

Mrs. Melissa Dillon

Thank you Mrs. Dillon for being an amazing support teacher to our 4th grade class! Your dedication and kindness allowed us to grow and learn during a challenging year. We honor you, for giving us the best 4th great experience, virtually and/or in-persons. We all succeeded!

Fondly, Your 4th Grade Students & Families (4DK)

Mr. Nicholas Steffner

Thank you for making this year great for Tramaine! As an incoming 6th grader who was a virtual student, you made him feel connected to the student body. We truly appreciate you for all you have done in this school year. Have an amazing summer!

The Cooper Family

Karen Stein

She is great!

Vinny Putignano

Mrs. Kelly Korab

Thank you for always going above and beyond for all students. Your kindness and caring have such an impact on everyone.

The Takla Family

Mrs. Lisa VanWay

She has gone above and beyond for her students this year both in and out of the classroom. She makes a point to let every child know that they are important. She is very prepared and organized. Even during virtual days she managed to listen to every child talk about random things (snow, pets, younger siblings) and include her own daughter and dog into the lessons she was teaching. She has the patience of a Saint and has earned the nickname Saint VanWay!

The Kelly Family

Ms. Deniz Shogun

Although you are only a student teacher right now; you are clearly making an impact in the classroom. Aiden says you are so patient and caring towards him and his friends. Thank you for advising (being a part of) his little Dragon Prince book series/ book club he started. Hope this dedication brings a smile to your face.

Aiden Jones and Family

Mrs. Meghan Beam

Thank you for being an amazing part of Allie’s journey! She is so blessed to have you in her corner!

The Vilarino Family

Mrs. Danielle Cantwell

Thank you so much for all you did this year to help Gianna. We appreciate you going above and beyond during such a challenging season.

The Hastie Family

Mrs. Tina Bruno

Thank you for your dedication in making this such a positive year for your students, despite the difficult circumstances! Ryan loved your class and learned so much this year!

The Gorsuch Family

Mr. David Letchinger

The impact he made on the kids during the pandemic was priceless. He helped them feel comfortable and at ease. The kids enjoyed going to his class to not only learn academics but to learn how to adapt to the Covid challenges.

Stephanie Rahe and Family

2019 – 2020

Mrs. Regan and

Ms. Zurbach

Mrs. Regan and Ms. Zurbach went above and beyond this year for their students. When you visit their classroom, the walls are covered with “norms” and “affirmations” which encourage empathy and respect. I loved their whole vibe. When they came to visit Cate in the last day of school, I saw a glimmer in my daughter’s eyes that I had not seen since distance learning began. Thank you for always encouraging Cate’s passions. Have the best summer!!!

Love, The Elefante Family

Jeremy Serfozo

For all he has done for both Dolan girls and the Florham Park music program!

The Dolan Family

Ms. Michaela Harris

Thank you for the passion you bring to your classroom.  The encouragement you give your students makes them want to work harder. You have motivated Ryan more than you can imagine. Thank you for all you do.

The Takla Family

Linda Eveland

For introducing Maggie to lots of new math concepts and helping her thrive!

The Dolan Family

David Letchinger

Thank you Mr. Letchinger, here’s a message from our daughter.

“Dear Mr. L, Thank you for teaching me so much and making me laugh along the way. I know the year ended kinda funky but I hope to see you in person sometime again.”

Shreya Gandhi

Mrs. Micone

Thank you for a wonderful 4th grade experience for Mark! We saw tremendous progress in his reading this year thanks to your hard work, abundance of patience and your never-ending dedication. Thank you for all of your continued efforts during distant learning and for going above and beyond the entire year for all of your students. We love you!

The Perillo Family

To all of the

Florham Park Staff

As members of the Florham Park Education Grants Committee and as fellow teachers, we recognize the tremendous impact teachers have on the lives of our students. It is with our deepest gratitude, especially during these trying times, that we would like to honor all of the teachers, support staff, and administrators from Briarwood, Brooklake, and Ridgedale Middle Schools. As mothers to both sixth and second graders, we have witnessed the love, dedication, and impact you have made throughout each school building. Thank you.

With our gratitude,

Mary Beth Gabel and

Megan Holzer

Mrs Bregman

Thank you for your guidance during this time, and finding discussions to have with the kids to help keep them connected. 

The Szonyi Family

Ms. Gina Cicarelli

From obstacle courses to strength training and always massive amounts of encouragement and support, you are one of Corina’s favorite people. You have helped her get strong! Thank you for everything and we will miss you this next year!

The Seubert Family

Jill Alcuri

For doing an amazing job during Spring 2020 (and a great teacher for both our daughters!)

The Dolan Family

Ms. Lisa De Fonte

Thank you for always believing in your students and encouraging them to never give up. You recognize their hard work and it makes them want to work harder. Ryan learned so much about math and himself in your class. We are grateful.

The Takla Family

Jennifer Fellippello

The love you have for your job comes through in everything you do! Thank you for making second grade the best it could be.

The Laudicina Family

Denise Newman

Your dedication to preparing young students for the expectations of school is evident in all you do. I know my son will reap the rewards of your classroom lessons for years to come.

Alisa Laudicina

Jaclyn Davis

Thank you for all you do. Especially during this unfamiliar time, you reach out and connect every day. You find ways to continue engagement and learning. Your compassion and caring ways never go unnoticed. We appreciate you.

The Kaup Family

Mrs. Murray

Thank you for being an amazing teacher to Mia.

The Pallone Family

Karen Stein

Thank you for always being there when help is needed.  You make sure your students understand the material and keep them laughing in the process.

The Takla Family 

Mrs. Erickson

Thank you for everything you have done for Joe during his time at Brooklake. You have gone above and beyond to help him be the best version of himself. We will miss you.

The Takla Family

Mrs Pettersson

Thank you for all of your support during this distant learning. 

The Szonyi Family

Mrs. Lisa Bregman

I hope you know what a wonderful teacher you are. We sure do, and we appreciate you more than words can say. Thank you for encouraging Tramaine to always do his best! Thank you for your patience and encouragement!
Please keep being yourself and doing what you do! You are amazing!

Tasha L. Bias and Fred Cooper

Mrs. Stumpf

Thank you for all of your wonderful work for 2S. Erin will always remember your reminders to be kind to others, and how you instilled in her a love of reading. She continued your community-building activity of Fuzzy Friend Friday even through distance learning read alouds. Thank you for your patience, caring, and encouragement.

The Gabel Family

Jennifer Gilligan

For being a great roll model for our daughters and for the warm greetings at morning drop off (when we used to do that!)

The Dolan Family

Lindsay Klymko

For helping Maggie become a stronger writer and lover of reading!

The Dolan Family

Mr. K

Thank you, Mr. K for a FUN year in 4th grade math. You made a sometimes difficult subject a blast for Mark, always went above and beyond and you are a great role model for the boys. As parents of 3 boys who all had you for their 4th grade teacher at Brooklake, we will hold on to the fond and fun memories of 4th grade forever!

Laura Perillo

Mrs. Alcuri

Mrs. Alcuri, thank you very much for the quick turnaround to inquiries from the students and parents and for always providing a solution. Your dedication minimized anxiety during these unprecedented times.

The Rodriguez Family

Mrs. Marissa Perlee

The loving ways of teachers like you are the difference between teaching and educating. Thanks for teaching Tramaine, educating him and empowering him to always give his best. Classrooms can survive without iPads and computers, but never without inspirational teachers. Thank you for being the irreplaceable teacher that you are. You are amazing!

Tasha L. Bias and Fred Cooper

 Mrs. Ocejo

Mrs. Ocejo is patient, approachable, and responsive.  We have been grateful for the one-on-one calls she has with Corina to review lessons, and as parents we love the smile on Corina’s face when she sees her teacher on the Zoom call.  Thank you, Mrs. Ocejo!

Alexis and Scott Seubert

Ms. Regan and

Ms. Zurbach

Ms. Regan and Ms. Zurbach have both shown a great deal of support and dedication to Kaeden during this time. We have appreciated their empathy, compassion, and capacity to extend themselves during this difficult moment. All the hard work that goes into the preparing for the virtual school-week has not gone unnoticed.

Thank you,

Keith Price and

Awo Okaikor Aryee-Price

RMS Teachers and Staff

Thank you to all of the teachers, staff, and administrators at RMS for working so hard to help get the kids through distance learning. We appreciate you!

The DeTitta Family

Brenda Cochario

For advancing Maggie’s Spanish in one year more than we could have hoped!

The Dolan Family

Mrs. Powers

Very often the “specials” teachers are overlooked for recognition. Mrs. Powers is a caring and compassionate teacher. She is down to earth, never critical or judgmental, and treats the kids like adults, not children. For that reason the students find it easy to relate to her and feel comfortable coming to her for advice or just to bounce things off of. She is a true mentor and valuable resource to the students of RMS, not to mention funny too.

Katie Shallis

Jayme Russo

Thank you for your hard work and dedication this year. We had a great time at the chemistry challenge. Francesca said, Thank you for making learning fun!”

The Bruno Family

Ms. Lauren Hoffmann

We are thankful to Ms. Hoffman for the way she cares about her students, and inspires them to do their best.

The Cicchino Family

Ms. Zieja

Thank you for all of your support this year…Nick had an amazing year because of you!

The Pallone Family

Ms.Enderle and

Mr. Letchinger

Distance learning is new to both school and family. Thank you very much for your great preparation for the lessons and classes. Also thank you for your kindness on the understanding and support when problem occurs. It is really a pity to end Grade 5 like this . Robert will miss both of you!

Robert Lai’s Family

Mrs. Eveland

Mrs. Eveland because she takes to time to check in with my son and makes sure he understands the lessons.

Suzanne Ditacconi

Mrs. Rotella

Mrs. Rotella, thank you for your positive energy and innovation on the daily Read Aloud. Your dedication helped our child’s engagement with distance learning which is not an
easy task especially for younger children.

The Rodriguez Family

Miss Grice

Distance Learning is difficult for both the children and their families and as you probably would agree, it is much more for students with IEPs.

But with your presence, support and care, most of our fears are turned into hope and optimism as well as excitement. We are happy to take a bigger role in our son’s learning journey.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts – Thank you!

Reyes Family