The Teachers, Child Study Team Members, Guidance Counselors, Administrative and Custodial staff
of the Florham Park School District routinely go above and beyond for our children and families.
They strive to make education challenging and enriching, while offering encouragement and support
along the way. The impact a teacher, administrator, nurse, bus driver, administrative assistant, custodian,
or teacher’s aide can have on a student can be immense.

With this in mind, the FPEF is excited to launch our Teacher/Staff Honor Wall. With your generous
donation of $25, we invite students, parents, and families to recognize a teacher or staff member
who has impacted their lives. Their name, along with your dedication, will be posted to the Honor
Wall which can be found on the FPEF website. In addition, teachers will be sent a digital certificate
informing them of their honor(s).

In alignment with our mission, all donations will go toward awarding grants to teachers that support
innovation in learning. The FPEF is a 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax deductible to the
extent allowed by law.

If there is someone who you would like to honor, you can visit our website at

Honor Wall