Our nation is at a crossroads. We are all bearing witness to, in real-time, the inexcusable treatment of Black people in our nation. We at the Florham Park Education Foundation grieve and mourn with you during these trying times, yet hope for compassion in our shared humanity.  It is at this time that we all are being called to be our most human and better selves. The FPEF stands with Black members of our community, as well as their children and family members.

Our children are watching us.

As volunteers with the Florham Park Education Foundation, we are pledging to take the lead and will commit to anti-racism, not only in word but deed and action while also encouraging our district to do the same. We are also pledging to commit to supporting and advocating for policies, practices, and programs within our community that is reflective of these values.

Our mission is to strengthen public education in the Florham Park School District through advocacy, fundraising, and investment in programs that empower every student to achieve both academic and personal success. We are committed to providing enhanced education programs for all students in the Florham Park School District regardless of race, class, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion and (dis)ability.